Learn the story of Lewis Bakeries, and how we work to serve you.

Our Roots

In 1925, three brothers took out a $300 mortgage on their mother’s house to open a bakery inside a Southern Illinois cabin. The breads of Amos, Armold and Jack Lewis were delivered daily by Ford Model T trucks to nearby homes. By the 1950s, the family operation had grown into a major regional bakery, thanks in part to the creation of a brand now synonymous with freshly baked bread in Midwestern households, Bunny Bread. Well-known brands, such as Lewis Bake Shop and Healthy Life, are also baked and distributed by Lewis Brothers Bakeries.

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Proud to Work at Lewis Bakeries

Our Innovations

Lewis Bake Shop strives to produce the best bakery products and respond to our consumers’ needs. These goals have led to many milestone achievements, including the introduction of Healthy Life Bread in 1991, the first fat-free reduced-calorie bread on the market. In its initial debut, Healthy Life Bread and Buns quickly won over customers searching for a bread that was not only diet-friendly, but also tasted great. Healthy Life products have adapted to fit many dieting trends over the years, but the core goal has always been the same: to offer great-tasting bakery products that complement a healthy lifestyle. The creation of the ½ Loaf and the addition of our line of Keto bakery products have also had a tremendous impact and continue to be pillars of the Lewis Bake Shop brand.

Other important achievements for the company include:

  • Becoming the first bakery to remove trans fats from all its products in 1987
  • Marketing the first “carb-dieting” bread with Healthy Life in March of 2000
  • Producing the convenient ½ Pack of buns and rolls in 2018
Lewis Half Loaves

Our Bakeries

Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, with 5 bakery locations in Evansville, Indiana; LaPorte, Indiana; Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Vincennes, Indiana; and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Lewis Bakeries is the largest wholesale bakery in the State and one of the few remaining independent bakeries in the Midwest. We also employ approximately 2,000 people and deliver fresh bakery products in 17 States.

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Our Mission

At Lewis, we RISE every day to bake bread for our consumers that exceeds their expectations.


Roots — Our culture is built around a proud company history and family legacy of quality baking. We will always remember, “Grow or Go!”


Integrity — We’re committed to doing the right thing. To be a sustainable, responsible company with work and food safety as our top priorities.


Service — We strive to provide the highest quality professional service to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Excellence — Our goal is to provide the very best bakery products with a forward-thinking passion for growth and innovation for our company and our products.

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Now and the Future

Lewis Bakeries is committed to responsible reduction and prevention of waste for materials and resources to benefit the company and our customers. Sustainability is always top-of-mind at our company to help us now and in the future.

Our bakeries meet all compliance standards to ensure fair establishment and improvement of workers’ rights, workplace conditions and an effective management system, as well as ensuring food quality and safety.